Modularized Management of Vehicle Subsystems

NVH Director offers the following features for modularized management of vehicle subsystems.

Subsystem representations:
  • Seamless switching among multiple representations (FE/Modal/FRF) for each subsystem
  • Subsystem design can be easily updated by pointing to a new representation file
Connector states:
  • Multiple connector property states can be selected based on loadcase
Visual display in 3D graphics:
  • Switch between a full FE or a coarse mesh display
  • Full show/hide/isolate/find unattached capabilities
  • Multiple display modes for connection/input/response/plot points
ID management:
  • Validate ID range assigned to each subsystem to ensure it is not in conflict with other subsystems (inter-module) and with its include file (intra-module)
Assembly data in nested .xml files:
  • Assembly information can be saved in sub-xml files
  • Allows sub-assemblies to be owned by responsible activities for quick updates