Dynamic Reduction Techniques

A big challenge in full vehicle NVH simulation is handling large size finite element models.

One approach to minimize full vehicle run time is to reduce the component finite element models to modal dynamic representations with much fewer degrees of freedom. Component Modal Synthesis (CMS) superelement is the most commonly used approach for modal reductions.

HyperWorks CMS superelement capabilities:
  • Structure SE
  • Combined Fluid-Structural SE
  • Acoustic Cavity is included in the SE
DMIG of reduced matrices:
  • Stiffness
  • Mass
  • Structural Damping
  • Viscous Damping
  • Modal Area Coupling
  • Reduction of simulation time
  • Single H3D file implementation
  • Can have free-free, fixed or mixed attachments
  • Free-free attachment can be independent DOFs
  • Can recover panel and grid participation
  • Model definition is a part of the H3D file
  • Interior response recovery does not require MPCs
  • To keep primary structures confidential. Only matrices are delivered to supplier.
  • Can be used during optimization