An exploration is a multi-run simulation. Each exploration includes input design variables, and output responses. Explorations may also include goals, consisting of an objective and constraints.

Create Explorations

Use the Create Explorations tool to create DOE or optimization explorations.

  1. From the Design Explorer ribbon, Exploration tool group, click the Create Explorations tool.

    Figure 1.
    The Explorations dialog opens.
  2. Under the Create tab, click then select an exploration type.
    Option Description
    DOE A DOE is a series of tests in which purposeful changes are made to the input variables to investigate their effect upon the output responses and to get an understanding of the global behavior of a design problem. By running a DOE, you can determine which factors are most influential on an output response.
    Optimization* An Optimization is a mathematical procedure used to determine the best design for a set of given constraints, by changing the input variables in an automatic manner.

    Optimization explorations require an objective.

  3. Edit the study name and study path.
    A single study name and study path will be used for each HyperWorks session. All explorations will be stored under the same study path. When the first exploration is evaluated, a <study name>.hm file will be saved to the study path
  4. If more than one exploration is defined, use the radio button to decide which is currently active.

*There are two ways to perform optimizations. Creating a “direct” optimization as described above creates an optimization exploration which will evaluate responses directly from the results of each solver run.

In addition, optimizations can be performed based on DOE explorations. In this case, responses are evaluated based on the response surface fit created automatically for each DOE. To create a DOE-based optimization, either check Optimize while evaluating the DOE or choose Optimize from the right-click context menu for a selected DOE exploration.

Tip: Clicking the Review Explorations satellite icon also invokes the Explorations dialog.