Split with Planes

Use the Split: Planes tool to split lines, surfaces, or solids.

Note: Splitting FE geometry with planes is supported; however, the review option is not.
  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Split > Plane tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select Lines, Surfaces, or Solids from the Target selector on the guide bar.
  3. Select target geometry then define how to split.
    Option Description
    Lines or Surfaces
    1. Click Tool on the guide bar.
    2. Use the Vector tool to adjust the position of the split plane.
    Solids Select Plane, Nodes, or Points from the Tool selector on the guide bar.
    Left-click to place the plane on the model. Use the Vector tool to adjust the position of the split plane.
    On a meshed solid, select nodes to define split lines.
    Select at least three points forming a plane to trim solids.
  4. Optional: Click the Review button on the guide bar to preview the split sections, as shown below on the left.
    Restriction: Only available when splitting solids with planes.
    Deselect sections by holding Shift and left-clicking to cut the solid at only the desired locations, as shown below in the middle. The final result is shown on the right.

    Figure 2.
  5. Click Split on the guide bar.
  • Select a splitting plane using reference entities or features that are disconnected from the geometry you want to split, including points in space.
  • You can modify your surface selection after selecting a splitting plane. Split preview lines will update appropriately.
  • Use snap points to snap the splitting plane to predefined points on lines and surfaces, such as middle and end points. Clicking a snap point automatically selects attached surfaces/solids.