Coarsen Mesh

Simplify a mesh by combining many small elements into a smaller number of larger ones.

An existing mesh may be finer and more complex than your simulation requires. This can result in the simulation, or other utilities that depend on existing elements, taking an unnecessarily long time to run, especially when your goal is to view real-time animations for NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Handling) or similar analyses.
Note: The Coarsen Mesh utility is available in Abaqus, Nastran, and OptiStruct profiles only.

Figure 1.

When a mesh is coarsened like this, it is important to note that every node in the coarse mesh corresponds exactly to one of the nodes in the original mesh, although many nodes are removed, the ones that remain are still the same nodes from the original model. No locations or qualities are changed. Similarly, any nodes or points with special information, such as comments, in the 10th column of their deck will be preserved.