OS-T: 3300 Lattice Optimization Process

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a basic lattice concept-level (Phase 1) optimization using the DTPL card, set up and review the basic options associated with lattice optimization, and set up a basic lattice fine-tuning (Phase 2) optimization and review the results.

Before you begin, copy the file(s) used in this tutorial to your working directory.
Lattice Optimization in OptiStruct is a two-phase process to create blended Solid and Lattice structures from concept to the detailed final design. The first phase performs a concept-level topology optimization to optimally partition solid, void, and intermediate space and create the lattice elements. The second phase optimizes the size of each lattice element to determine the final optimized structure. The completed model can then be manually reinterpreted to fit a number of different manufacturing operations, including, but not limited to, 3D printing.
Note: Running Lattice Optimization requires HyperWorks version 13.0.210 or later.

Figure 1.

The optimization problem may be stated as:

Control Arm, sectioned into non-design and designable components.
Load Cases
1: Vertical load (Z-) on the control arm end.