Engine Keyword Different reference force residual computations used for stop criteria on nonlinear analysis with contact.




Field Contents SI Unit Example
= 0
Aggressive (modified entirely by the out-of-balance value).
= 1
Average (modified each time 200% maximum).
= 2
Light (modified each time 20% maximum).
= 3
No change.
= 4
No change - except for the first contact.
= 5
Modified automatically (imposed displacement only).


  1. An appropriate reference value in contact analysis is delicate to compute (especially in simulations involving rigid parts with imposed displacement impacting a deformable part). Radioss makes an exception by modifying the reference value (generally at iteration number one). A large reference value has been received in some cases, resulting in a wrong convergence; in other cases, a very small reference value results in failure of the convergence. This new keyword directs you to the appropriate choice for their simulations.