LS-DYNA Input Interface KeywordDefines an isotropic, highly compressible Fu Chang foam.


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mat_ID ρ i E   TBID


Field Contents SI Unit Example
mat_ID Material identifier.


ρ i Initial density.


[ kg m 3 ]
E Young’s modulus.


[ Pa ]
TBID Table identifier for engineering stress versus engineering strain for different strain rates. Positive strains and stresses correspond to compression.


HU Hysteresis unloading factor.

0 < HU < 1


SHAPE Shape unloading factor.



  1. This keyword maps to /MAT/LAW90.
  2. The unloading follows the first loading curve when HU = 0. For HU > 0, the first loading curve is used to calculate the unloading path based on a damage formulation.
  3. The option “_TITLE” can be added to the end of this keyword. When “_TITLE” is included, an extra 80 characters long line is added after the keyword input line which allows an entity title to be defined.