Modif Input File

The Modif file allows the following options to be added during a run:
  • Groups, lines or surfaces
  • Interfaces
  • TH output (except Subsets and Parts)
  • Restart SPMD simulation with different number of processors

Modif files have the name: Runname_run#.rad

where, run# is the Radioss run number four digits from 0000 to 9999 and run# is the name of the last Restart file + 1.

For example, to run a Modif file after the first run, restart file Runname_0001_cpu.rst

where, cpu # is the number of processors (four digits), and cpu # = 0000 = SMP Radioss version.

The run number for the Modif file must be Runname_0002.rad.

Figure 1 illustrates the use of a Modif file: Name of the input file and the name of the program to be used.

Figure 1.

Modif files use the same input format as Radioss V10 Block input format; with the exception of a limited choice of options are available.

Except for the header formats, blocks may be input in any order.

The Modif files option is not compatible if using Madymo- Radioss Coupling.

Run Description Header Format

This line must be the first in Radioss deck.

# Radioss Starter

The following keywords are available.

All types of elements or node groups:
All options: To find the exact format, refer to the relevant section of this manual.
Note: Use Istf=0 in /INTER/TYPE7 and /INTER/TYPE11. Istf=2, 3, 4, and 5 are not available in these two interfaces.

Limitation of MODIF files

The following Radioss options are not available for the use of MODIF files:
  • /AMS
  • /CLOAD
  • Defense
  • Flexible body (/FXBODY)
  • Failure model (/FAIL/TAB1)
  • Failure model (/FAIL/CONNECT)
  • Implicit (/IMPL)
  • Madymo (/ MADYMO/EXFEM and / MADYMO/LINK)
  • All Lagrange multipliers (example: /GJOINT is not available)
  • Inlet/Outlet
  • Interface TYPE2 with "Spotflag=25" (/INTER/TYPE2)
  • Interface TYPE7 and Istf > 1 (/INTER/TYPE7)
  • Interface TYPE11 and Istf > 1 (/INTER/TYPE11)
  • Interface TYPE14 (/INTER/TYPE14)
  • Interface TYPE16 (/INTER/TYPE16)
  • Interface TYPE17 (/INTER/TYPE17)
  • Interface TYPE20 (/INTER/TYPE20)
  • Interface TYPE21 (/INTER/TYPE21)
  • Interface TYPE23 (/INTER/TYPE23)
  • Interface TYPE24 (/INTER/TYPE24)
  • Solid property TYPE29 or TYPE30 or TYPE31 (/PROP/TYPE29, /PROP/TYPE30 or /PROP/TYPE31)
  • Material LAW59 (/MAT/LAW59)
  • Material LAW77 (/MAT/LAW77)
  • /MPC
  • /MONVOL/AIRBAG1 - Ittf
  • /RAD2RAD
  • /RBE2
  • /RBE3
  • /SPH
  • /XFEM


  1. Input deck must begin with "# Radioss Starter".
  2. After the header format, you may insert comment lines. These lines must begin with $ or #.
  3. If you need to have a Runname (run identification name), this input is introduced by the keyword /BEGIN.