Publish a Local Application Definition

Publish a local application definition to the administrator to make it as a global application definition.

The application definition created using the app composer is a local application definition stored in your home directory. The application definitions are stored at /home/$USER/userapps and they are in the JSON format.

The local application definition created can be made available to all the users of Access Web by making a global application.

You must publish your local application definition to the administrator. The administrator will review the application definition and publish it all the users making it a global application definition.
  1. Click .
  2. Select App Composer.
    The Applications panel lists all the application definitions that you have created.

    App Composer
    Figure 1. App Composer
  3. Select the application definition that you want to publish.

    Select Application Definition
    Figure 2. Select Application Definition
    The application definition parameters are displayed in the Compose panel.

    Application Definitions - Compose Panel
    Figure 3. Application Definitions - Compose Panel

    Review the application definition and edit the application definition if required before publishing the application definition.

  4. Click Publish.

    Publish Application Definitions
    Figure 4. Publish Application Definitions
    Publish Application dialog box is displayed.

    Publish Application
    Figure 5. Publish Application
  5. Click Yes.
    The application definition will be published to the administrator and a notification will be displayed.

    The app composer application list of the administrator will get updated with the application definition.

    Applications List
    Figure 6. Applications List
    Note: The administrator can click to view the user who has requested to publish the application definition.