Save the Job Filter

Save the job filter criteria to monitor your jobs.

The default filter option is My Jobs with the job status as Running.
Note: You can save only 3 job filters.
  1. Click the Jobs tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    The job monitoring page is displayed with the list of the jobs that is submitted to the cluster.

    Job Summary View
    Figure 1. Job Summary View
  2. Select the check box of the filter options based on your requirements.
    For example, you can select a subset of jobs such as: all your jobs that are submitted to ShellScript solver which are queued on a particular server.
    Note: You can also search for a particular job based on the Job ID and Job Name using the Search option. The Search criteria will be applied to the Save Filter.
    The job monitoring list will automatically populate with the jobs that match the filter criteria.

    Filter Options
    Figure 2. Filter Options
    Note: Click Reset to change it to the default filter option.
  3. Click next to Favorites.

    Save Filter
    Figure 3. Save Filter
  4. Enter a name for the job Filter.
    The saved job filter will be displayed.

    Saved Filter
    Figure 4. Saved Filter
    Note: To remove any saved job filter, click the next to the saved filter name.