.h3d Output File

The .h3d file is a compressed binary file, containing both model and result data. It can be used to post-process results in HyperView.

File Creation

The .h3d file is created after a Radioss Engine run by translating the RunnameAnnn files through hvtrans. The Radioss script automatically takes care of this.

File Contents

The .h3d file contains node and element definitions in addition to the following results:
Vector Data
Velocities, displacements, accelerations, contact forces, internal forces, external forces, forces and moments for rigid bodies, rigid walls and sections, rotational velocities, fluid velocities (for incompressible fluid flow by BEM).
Output is controlled by /ANIM/VECT.
Element Data
Spring damage, density, energy, plastic strain, equivalent strain rate, failed layers, hourglass energy, pressure, stress tensor, temperature, thickness, von Mises stress, user law results.
Output is controlled by /ANIM/Eltyp/Restype.
Nodal Mass
Nodal mass results.
Output is controlled by /ANIM/MASS.
Nodal Data
Time step, mass variation, added inertia per node.
Output is controlled by /ANIM/NODA.