Use the Fill tool to convert a solid part to a unit cell lattice.

  1. If starting from an optimized part in Inspire, first copy the part and then select Paste Without Reference in the Model Browser.
  2. On the PolyMesh ribbon, select the Fill tool.

  3. Select a solid part to preview the lattice.
  4. On the guide bar, select the shape of the reference system – Box, Cylinder, or Opposite Surfaces.
  5. Select a lattice cell type in the microdialog, and change the unit cell dimension and beam radius as desired.
  6. Click Create Lattice on the guide bar.
  • When previewing the lattice, select and reposition the small black cell to align the center of a lattice cell with a specific location on your geometry. This will ensure that the rest of the lattice is aligned to the cell you positioned.
  • For cylindrical reference systems, use the Move tool on the microdialog to translate or rotate the reference system.
  • If Opposite Surfaces is selected for the reference system, click Surfs on the guide bar to select the opposing surfaces. Inspire will map the lattice between the two surfaces. Use the Move tool buttons on the microdialog to move the spline start and end positions.
  • You can Boolean lattice parts with mesh or NURBS surfaces, or you can use the Convert tool on the PolyMesh ribbon to create NURBS surfaces.