Add/Edit Riser

If you haven't designed any risers in a CAD tool, you can create and edit virtual risers in Inspire Cast.

  1. Click the Casting tab.
  2. Click the Components icon.

  3. On the Riser icon, click Add/Edit Riser.

  4. Click a surface to create a riser.
    A lateral or top riser is created, depending on the orientation of the surface with respect to the direction of gravity. The total number of risers is displayed above the Riser icon.
  5. Use the microdialog options to define the position, modulus, and diameter.
  6. Optional: To create more risers, click a surface.
  7. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
To edit a riser, click the Add/Edit Riser tool, and then click the riser.

Microdialog Options

Define the position, modulus, and diameter of the riser.

Option Description

Click to move the riser.

Enter the modulus (volume divided by surface area).

Enter the diameter.