Streamer Criterion: Using advices and remarks

Additional advices and remarks

Here are some additional advices and warnings for the project preparation:

  • Important : to obtain good results with a fast computation, it is important to apply a potential difference close to the Streamer inception voltage.

    In fact, a very low project potential difference will give only negative (which are not considered in the integral). On the contrary, a very high project potential difference involves the integration of high values in the center of the Streamer path, whereas the method is valid for Streamer departure areas.

  • Using symmetries and periodicities is advised to reduce computation time, except if the high breakdown probability Streamer is on the symmetry or periodicity axis: the computation can be refused if the electric field arrow direction goes on the other side of the axis (it is possible in finite elements computation)
  • If there are Streamers far from the device, it is advised to increase infinite box size. In fact, a Streamer arriving on the infinite box is not taken into account.
  • It is possible to make a Streamer computation between conductors of line region type in 2D (surface region in 3D) except if they are not on a surface region border (volume region in 3D)
  • Remark: the predefined Streamer formula for the air and SF6 were found for a temperature around 20°C