Free mechanical set

What is offered in V.10.3

This motion takes into account « complex » motions (i.e. other than the translation motion along an axis or the rotation motion around an axis). This motion is defined by a list of positions, which can be applied to the mobile part.

This type of mechanical set is presented in the following blocks.

Mechanical set of the free type

The description of a free motion is made by means of a new type of mechanical set: the Free Motion type mechanical set.

The list of positions, which can be performed by the mobile part, is defined by: a table of values (multi points), a path, a 2D grid or a 3D grid.

Kinematics model

For free motion, only the Multi static kinematics model is available. Imposed speed and Coupled load models are not available.


The operation in Flux is a bit different from the usual operation (translation motion, rotation motion). The main steps are presented in the table below.

Step Description

Creation of a mechanical set of the free motion type

(The positions taken by the mobile part are not entered by the user at the moment of creation)

... ...

Creation of a scenario (piloting of the solving process)

⇒ definition of the list of different positions of the mobile part

The position of the mobile part is controlled via an I/O parameter automatically created by Flux (FREEPOS_NameMechanicalSet).