Exports to tabulated files

These exports enable the user to export the values of the data collection at the current step in a tabulated file. All the data collections are compatible.

No matter the export, the user should define:
  • The type of value to be exported (to the nodes or to the elements)
  • The data collection to export
  • The name of the file to be exported
  • The column separator (option)
  • The column list of the file

Define the column list or a tabulated file

The column list can be defined via a definition box accessible by clicking on List of tabulated columns:
  • A new column can be added by clicking on the blank page
  • The user can access the active column by clicking on the bin
  • The user can switch from one column to another using the arrows
  • Node or element ID
  • Node or element barycenter coordinates
  • Value at current step (complete value or specific component)