Formula editor

Formula editor

Throughout the construction of a Flux project, numerous information items can be entered as formulas: expression of a geometric parameter, current value in one coil, etc.

To facilitate the user's work, a new interactive formula entering tool is provided with Flux version 10: the formula editor . This tool is accessible by means of button: .



The data are functions of the working context. They can be constants, geometric parameters, I/O parameters, spatial quantities, etc. as presented in the tables below.

  • Geometric parameters

  • Physical parameters (I/O parameters)

  • Data concerning the kinematic coupling

  • Data concerning the circuit coupling

Operators or mathematical functions

Available operators are presented in the tables below.

Numerical Mathematical Trigonometrical
Vector Complex Signal Const.

Writing a formula

A formula is edited by simple click on data and operators or mathematical functions .

The formula is displayed in PyFlux language in the Expression zone. A syntactical corrector corrects the syntax errors, as well as the data errors.

Correct formula Incorrect formula


New data are available for the formula editor. They are the following constants:

  • π : mathematical constant (Pi)
  • μ0 : permeability of vacuum; μ0 = 4 π 10e-7 H/m
  • ν0 : reluctivity of vacuum; ν0 = 1/ μ0 = 1/(4 π 10e-7 ) m/H
  • ε0 : permittivity of vacuum; ε0 = 1/(36 π 10e-9 ) F/m
Caution: these constants are considered as functions and presented in form Pi(), Mu0(), Nu0(), Eps0() within the PyFlux language