Results of iron losses multiparametric computation

Computation results

The multiparametric computation of iron losses gives the following results

I/O Parameters

I/O Parameters called "Inst_iron_losses_i" is stored in the tree, in the area Parameter/Quantity > Parameter I/O

It represents instantaneous losses on the region(s) versus time, geometric and I/O parameters.

Post-processing iron losses

It is possible to use the previous I/O parameter in order to display iron losses computation.

For instance, it is possible to display a 3D curve of iron losses versus two parameters (time or geometric parameter or I/O parameter) via menu Curve > 3D curve (2 I/O parameters) > New 3D curve (2 I/O parameters). I/O Parameter called "Inst_iron_losses_i" and containing loss values can be accessed in formula editor (Click on "f()").

Export iron losses

It is possible to export iron loss values via menu Data exchange > Export quantity > Export data table :

For this:
  • Select "Inst_iron_losses_i" I/O Parameter that has been created during iron loss computation
  • Choose export format as well as the name of the file
  • Select intervals corresponding to computation intervals
  • Select types of values to be exported. For example:
    • Average value (on transient interval). Remark: this is a statistical mean.
    • Current value
  • click on OK