Multiphysics session: opening and closing


This paragraph describes the access commands to the multiphysics session:

  • opening the multiphysics session
  • closing the multiphysics session

Description of commands

The descriptions of the opening and closing commands of a multiphysics session are presented in the table below:

Command Description
Multiphysics solving session (existing scenario) * Permits the opening of a multiphysics session starting from an existing scenario.
Close a multiphysics session Permits the closing of a multiphysics session and to return to the standard environment of Flux.
Note: * There is equally a command multiphysics solving process session (new scenario) which permits the access to a multiphysics session by creating a void scenario on the way (without a parameter). This command is available only for static applications (impossible in transient applications).

Opening a multiphysics session

To open a multiphysics session:

Step Action

Activate the session opening command:

  • in the Solving menu, click on Multiphysics solving session (existing scenario)
A dialog box « Multiphysics solving session (existing scenario) » is open
2 Choose the scenario *
3 Choose if the project must be saved under the current name or under another name.
4 Validate by OK
The multiphysics session is open.
Note: * if there is no scenario, the user has the possibility to create it by clicking on

Closing a multiphysics session

To close a multiphysics session:

  • in the Project menu, click on Close a multiphysics session (or click on icon )