Synopsis of physical applications


The group of the Physical Applications (PA) available in Flux software is presented in the following sections.

Basic PA

Basic physical applications are presented in the following tables.

2D and 3D Applications
Magnetic Magneto Static (2D / 3D)
Transient Magnetic (2D / 3D)
Steady State AC Magnetic (2D / 3D)
Electric Electro Static (2D / 3D)
Electric Conduction (2D / 3D)
Steady State AC Electric (2D / 3D)
Transient Electric (2D / 3D)
Thermal Steady State Thermal (2D / 3D)
Transient Thermal (2D / 3D)

PA coupled with thermal

Physical applications coupled with thermal are presented in the following table.

Coupling of the applications (strong coupling)

Magnetic / Thermal

Steady State AC Magnetic / Transient Thermal (2D / 3D)

Electric / Thermal

Electric Conduction / Transient Thermal (2D)
Steady State AC Electric / Transient Thermal (2D)