Creating a Mesh (Segments, Triangles, Tetrahedra)

Discretisise the model into segments, triangles and tetrahedra (where applicable).

The solver method affects whether triangles or tetrahedra is created when meshing the model.

  1. Open the Create mesh dialog using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Mesh tab, in the Meshing group, click the  Create mesh icon.
    • Press Ctrl+M to use the keyboard shortcut.

    Figure 1. The Create mesh dialog (Options tab).
  2. Specify the parts to be meshed.
    • To mesh the full model, under Scope, click All.
    • To mesh only the selected part of the model, under Scope, click Selection. Select the parts in the model tree or the 3D view before starting the meshing process.
  3. Specify the mesh size.
    • To create a mesh using automatic mesh sizes, in the Mesh size field, from the drop-down list select Coarse, Standard or Fine.
    • To create a mesh with a custom mesh size, in the Mesh size field, from the drop-down list select Custom. Specify the lengths applicable to the model.
      1. In the Triangle edge length field, specify the triangle edge length.
      2. In the Wire segment length field, specify the wire edge length.
      3. In the Tetrahedron segment length field, specify the tetrahedron edge length.
  4. In the Wire segment radius field, specify the global wire radius.
    Note: A local mesh refinement takes precedence over global mesh settings.
  5. Click Create to create the mesh and to close the dialog. A summary indicating the number of mesh elements are logged in the message window.

    Once the mesh settings have been verified on the Create mesh dialog, you can press Ctrl+Shift+M to perform the mesh without dialogs or prompts.