Replacing a Mesh

Replace mesh elements or update the mesh elements in a mesh part while keeping all the settings that have been applied to the wires, faces and regions.

A typical workflow is to create a model with configurations, ports and mesh elements with applied solution settings. The mesh is then exported and modified using third-party tools and then re-imported into CADFEKO. This workflow eliminates the need to reapply solution settings and ports to the mesh elements, provided that the mesh labels remain largely unchanged.
  1. Ensure you have both the old and new mesh available in your model.
  2. In the model tree, select the mesh part to be replaced.
  3. Replace the mesh using one of the following workflows:
    • From the right-click context menu, click Replace with.
    • On the Mesh tab, in the Replace group, click the  Replace with icon.
  4. In the model tree, select the replacement mesh part.

    The old mesh is replaced and removed from the model.

When a mesh is replaced, solution settings and ports applied to the old mesh are transferred to the new mesh. Mesh properties of mesh labels that are new and only present in the new mesh, are set to the default mesh properties. Default mesh properties include faces set to PEC, wires set to PEC and the front and back medium of a face set to free space.

Mesh labels that were in the old mesh but no longer present in the new mesh, will not affect the mesh, but could affect the solution and request items that use labels. For example, ports and requests with scope options (far fields, near fields, error estimates and currents).