Projection quality rate

Projection quality rate : interest

The forces projection quality factor will help to verify the good progress of forces computation and projection on the mechanical mesh.

Projection quality rate : Influence of application

According to the application dimension (2D, Skew, 3D), the projection and control methods are different.

The forces projection quality factor values (radial and tangent) could vary depending on the concerned applications.

Projection quality rate : In practice

The projection quality is not an absolute reference but a guide number to avoid aberrant results.

In practice, we will not try to reach an exact 100% quality.

It should be noted that the projection quality control method is more adapted to radial forces. So we will verify as a priority the projection quality of those components. The projection quality for tangent forces is given for information purposes only.

For example, we can consider that the radial projection quality is generally higher than 90%, whereas the tangent projection quality can be easily deteriorated to reach sometimes values around 50% for Skew applications especially.