Files Generated During Solving

When you have a complete problem set up, including problem definitions and a generated mesh, the next step is to run AcuSolve to calculate a solution. When you run AcuSolve from HyperWorks CFD, files and directories are created. These files support two phases of the solution process.

First, HyperWorks CFD exports information about the problem and about the mesh. Next, AcuPrep and AcuSolve read these files and calculate a solution, By default, when you run AcuSolve from HyperWorks CFD, the options for exporting the settings needed for the solver and for launching AcuSolve are both turned on.

After you calculate a solution, you can delete the files used while calculating the solution. Care should be taken to avoid deleting any results files. If you want to calculate a solution for the problem again, you will need to regenerate the input files.