Problem Diagnostic and Study Capabilities

Innovative problem diagnostic and study capabilities:
  • Innovative approach for serving results based on physical relationships
  • A full set of integrated post-processing utilities
    • Integrated Diagnostics
    • Modal/Panel Participation from both system and CMS SE component modes
    • Grid Participation
    • Energy Distribution
    • Transfer Path Analysis
    • Design Sensitivity Analysis
    • Order Analysis
    • Modal FRF
    • Model Correlation
    • Radiated Sound
    • Multiple Sample Analysis
    • Global Modes
  • Response study: Investigate effects of varying modal, grid participation, transfer function, force, and so on.
  • Enables engineers to obtain a full understanding of physical root causes by leveraging mathematical cause-effect relationships and identifying sensitive parameters through quick what if studies.
  • In the end, NVH Director significantly reduces physical testing by running many iterations in CAE simulation and improves the value of testing by helping the engineer learn more from simulation.