This option is used to include cards and commands (such as variable definitions ) from a separate file. You may, for example, create a single file with an antenna which is then imported into different environment models.

Figure 1. The IN - Include an external file (PREFEKO) dialog.
For this option, the file name is the only parameter. This file is included as if it was part of the master .pre file. These include files usually have the extension .inc, but can have any extension. The cards and instructions in the included files are processed as if they were part of the main file. Therefore, points and labels defined in the included file remain valid in the remainder of the main file.
Note: That it is also possible to use such an IN card in the control section of the .pre file (for instance to import a feed model).

When reading a PREFEKO file it is not possible to add a scaling factor to the IN card. In this case the TG card must be used if the global (SF card) scaling option is not sufficient.

It is possible to use multiple nested levels of include files (for example, one include file can include another one and so on). It is also possible to specify together with the file name an absolute or relative path like in

IN 0 "..\subdir\"

In such a case — if multiple levels of include files are used — it is first tried to find the include file using the path relative to the location of the file where the IN card is used. If the include file is not found there, then PREFEKO also tries to find the include file using the path relative to the location of the main .pre file which is processed.