Limitations and remarks


This section presents the limitations and remarks concerning the HyperMesh (and OptiStruct) and SimLab mesh import.

Other possibilities

The HyperMesh and SimLab mesh import feature offers the following possibilities:
  • Shell mesh import without air box (surface elements) or with air box (surface and volume elements)
  • 2D mesh import (& complete infinite box) in Flux 2D

Remarks and limitations

Some remarks and limitations about HyperMesh and SimLab mesh import are presented:
  • Only one import is allowed
  • In case of 2nd order mesh import, the "complete infinite box" algorithm renumbers the 2nd order nodes. This limitation is to take into account for coupling
  • The "complete infinite box" algorithm works after mesh import with MeshGems mesher (mesher by default), but it does not work with Delaunay mesher
  • In case of remeshing (mesh lines / faces / volumes / domain) or deleting the mesh, the imported mesh is preserved as long as the "mesh object" exists

Limitations linked to the method

The mesh import presents limitations that cannot be corrected (linked to the method and technical constraints):
  • It is impossible to parametrize a mesh imported with geometrical parameters
  • It is impossible to enter in the Modeler context (also deleting the mesh)