Input file

The Input file can either by a single python file or a zip file containing a .FLU folder and/or python file(s).

Using python file(s)

If the project is completely defined by your python script, you can submit a job using only this script.

If your project is defined by several python scripts, you can also zip all the python scripts and use the zip file as the input for your job submission. The main python script, which will be the first to be called, must be named as your zip file.

Using FLU folder

If you have a Flux project ready to be solved, you can zip it and use the zip file as an input to your job. Flux will solve all the scenario of the project.

You can also zip a Flux project along with one or several python files. Name the main python script as your zip file, as it will be the first to be called.

重要: Other cases are not supported and may lead to errors.