RD-E: 5100 Optimization in Radioss

The new feature, Optimization in Radioss, makes it easy to set up an optimization problem in Radioss Block Format.

A typical optimization problem has three elements:
  • Objective (minimize mass of the structure)
  • Constraints (stress less than 200 MPa and maximum displacement less than 10mm)
  • Design variables (parameters that can be adjusted to improve the design)

The setup of optimization in Radioss requires an extra input file apart from the usual Starter and Engine input files. The required file is an optimization input file named <name>.radopt (the Starter and Engine files are named <name>_0000.rad and <name>_0001.rad, respectively). The <name>.radopt file defines optimization entities such as the optimization objective, optimization constraints, design variables, optimization responses and so on.

For more Radioss optimization details, refer to Design Optimization in the User Guide.