Altair® Panopticon


Starting an Application


·         Before starting an application, ensure:

o    the CEP engine has been started

o    the prerequisite data sources are uploaded on the Data Sources tab

o    the application model is defined correctly

·         If the application is empty, the  icon is disabled. Refer to Creating a New Application for more information.



You can start an application either on the Applications tab or on the Application page.


Starting an Application on the Applications Tab




1.     To execute an application, ensure the   icon displays before the Name. This means the necessary data sources are already uploaded.

However, if  is displayed, right-click on the application and select Data Source Usage on the context menu.


The list of data sources used by the application is displayed. For example:

Refer to Uploading Data Sources or Creating a Data Source for more information.

2.     Click   . The icon changes to  and the timestamp is displayed under the Status Updated column.

The stream topics and the data producer are also generated.