Altair® Panopticon


Creating a Data Source

Panopticon Streams supports creation of data sources that can be used as inputs or outputs in the application model.


1.     On the Data Sources tab:

·         click  on the toolbar, or

·         right-click on a folder or subfolder and select New Data Source.

The New Data Source dialog displays.

2.     Enter the Name of the data source and click .

The Data Source tab displays with the following sections:







Data Source Name

Name of the data source. Click the  button to go back to the Data Sources listing page.

Connector drop-down list

Includes the input data sources and output connectors.


Saves the changes made on the Data Sources tab.



Inactive connectors are not displayed in the Connector drop-down.



3.     Enter the Name of the data source. This should be unique and should only contain letters (a to Z), numbers (0 to 9), and underscores.

4.     Click  or press Enter to apply the name.

5.     Select any of the following:

·         output connectors

¨        Email

¨        InfluxDB

¨        JDBC Databases

¨        Apache Kafka

¨        Kx kdb+

¨        MQTT

¨        Rest

¨        Text


·         Input data sources

¨        ActiveMQ

¨        Amazon Kinesis - Data Streams

¨        AMPS

¨        Elasticsearch 6.x

¨        Elasticsearch 7.x

¨        Google Cloud Pub/Sub

¨        InfluxDB

¨        JDBC Database

¨        JDBC Database - Streaming

¨        JSON

¨        Apache Kafka

¨        Kx kdb+

¨        Kx kdb+ Tick

¨        ksqlDB

¨        ksqlDB - Streaming

¨        Livy Spark

¨        MongoDB

¨        MQTT

¨        MS Excel

¨        OneTick

¨        OneTick CEP

¨        OneTick Cloud

¨        Python

¨        RabbitMQ

¨        Rserve

¨        Solace

¨        Splunk

¨        Stream Simulator

¨        StreamBase 7.1

¨        StreamBase LiveView

¨        Text

¨        WebSocket

¨        XML

The tab page changes depending on the selected connector.