Importing CAD (Geometry)

Import a CAD (geometry) model into CADFEKO.

  • Best results are obtained during importing if the CADFEKO model unit is in “m”.
  • If a large model is imported and the source file unit is different to the CADFEKO model unit, the import process may be slow.
  1. On the Home tab, in the File group, click the  Import icon. From the drop-down list select the  Geometry icon.
  2. Click the File and Format tab.
    1. In the Filename field, browse for the file you want to import.

Specify the advanced settings for the geometry import.

  1. [Optional] Select the Advanced tab. Specify the relevant advanced import settings.
  2. Click Import to import the geometry and close the dialog.
    A progress bar shows the progress of importing the geometry model.

  3. When the import has completed, click Close to close the dialog.