Adding an Impressed Current Source

Apply an impressed current source to represent a lightning strike and exit points.

Tip: For lightning strikes, use two impressed current sources to model the strike point and exit point where the current flows off the structure. The source should either have a current magnitude of -1 or a phase of 180°.
  1. On the Source/Load tab, in the Ideal Source group, click the  Impressed Current Source icon.

    Figure 1. The Create Impressed Current Source dialog.
  2. Under Position, specify the start point and end point of the current segment.
  3. Under Segment current, specify the magnitude and phase of the segment current at the start point and end point.
  4. In the Radius field, specify the radius of the current segment.
  5. [Optional] Select the Connect the endpoint to the closest mesh vertex check box to terminate the current at the closest mesh vertex during the solution.
    • To connect to the closest triangle vertex, select On triangle.
    • To connect to the closest segment vertex, select On segment.
    Visually confirm in POSTFEKO that the source connects at the required vertex.
  6. In the Label field, add a unique label for the impressed current source.
  7. Click the Create button to create the impressed current source and to close the dialog.