Interactive Options Selector

To open the options selector, select View > Solver Options Selector on the main form or click to the right of the Options field. This will open the form shown in Figure 1 – usually containing only the most commonly used options (unless the solver has only few options available). Select the More options button to display all applicable options.

Figure 1. Interactive available options selector
This form contains options applicable and selective to a particular solver, so the input file must be selected for the Compute Console first, before it is possible to choose an appropriate set of options. After selecting any option, an additional form appears if a value for the option is required. You can enter a value in the field, select from the list of available options or use File Browser to select file path as applicable. In cases where a value is optional, the ‘None’ button on the form may be used. The selection of any option automatically disables incompatible options in the list. After options are transferred to the main form, it is possible to manually edit the contents of this field on the main form, if required.
More options
Expands the form to show all applicable options.
Apply Selected
Copies all selected options and values to the Options line in the main form, overwriting any existing content.
Append Selected
Copies all selected options and values to the Options line in the main form, after any existing content.
Clear all selected options and values.
Close the form – selected options will be retained separately for each solver and reused until the application is closed.
Warning: Care must be taken to avoid duplicate options in the field which will cause an error when starting the solver.