Quick Solver Start via Desktop Icon

In a windowed environment it is possible to drag a file from the File Browser onto the icon (desktop shortcut) representing Compute Console. This will immediately start a simple solver run; no command arguments can be added to such a run; therefore, it is not possible to start an SPMD run this way. The only two arguments appended to the command line in drag and drop run are:
This run is always executed with Solver View window (no log window exists in such case).
-nt N
It is possible to start the SMP run – only if this option is enabled for drag and drop runs through the Preferences form.
Note: Jobs submitted this way are never queued or stored in the history list. This method of interaction is completely independent from Compute Console.
The Desktop icon or Quick Launch icon can be created on Windows by copying any Solver command from the Altair Simulation menu as a shortcut. It is also possible to create such a launcher on Linux - consult your system documentation for details. The actual command field on such a launcher should contain the following text.
<install_dir>/scripts/hw_wish <install_dir>/acc/scripts/hwsolver.tcl -icon

Where, <install_dir> is the top directory path to the Altair Simulation installation.