Multiphysics Co-Simulation

ACC allows you to start a co-simulation run for two separate solvers. In the current release, the two possible types of co-simulation are:
  • AcuSolve with OptiStruct
  • AcuSolve with MotionSolve
To activate co-simulation, select Co-Sim > FSI-AcuSolve.

Figure 1.
The upper two fields represent the structural solver (OptiStruct or MotionSolve), while the next two lines allow to select the input file for AcuSolve. The toggles in the next line (Use SMP, Use MPI options) apply to the structural solver only.
Note: The two icons in the lower left corner, represent the two selected solvers.

Select Run to submit a job to the internal queue as if it was a single solver run. It is possible to mix co-simulation runs with standard runs in the queue. When the Compute Console initiates a run, the job automatically starts two solver runs, as well as the required middleware (for a MotionSolve co-simulation run). When such a job runs, two Solver View forms and two independent .log files are created. Both Solver View forms will show the options Abort, Kill, and so on, and each of them will control the corresponding single solver only.