Start the Compute Console

On the most basic level, any solver can be started in a batch mode (from the terminal window) typing.
  • <solver name> <input file> <options>

Where, <solver name> represents one of the scripts (.bat or Linux shell script) found usually in the folder named scripts, located in <install directory>/altair/ or <install directory>/hwsolvers/ depending on which Altair packages are installed.

A simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) is available on all platforms. It can be started on Windows through the Start menu. On Linux it is also possible to install Altair applications in the System menu. On both Linux and Windows, you can create a desktop shortcut icon or a toolbar launcher (also on Linux).

On all platforms, ACC can be started using the command line:
  • <installation path>/altair/common/acc/scripts/acc

It is recommended that only a single instance of ACC is started on any machine. Jobs for different solvers can be started from the same GUI instance and can be added into the same queue.

When multiple instances of ACC are running on a single host (from a different user or from the same user, even if displayed on separate screens) these instances do not communicate with each other and maintain independent queues for the runs. This may lead to overloading the host with too many simultaneous solver runs.