Submit Multiple Solver Runs

The Compute Console allows starting multiple jobs, and maintains the queue of jobs in order to avoid machine overload. Submit multiple jobs by selecting multiple files in the File Browser (hold Ctrl button and click), or submit (add to queue) after starting the first run.

The Compute Console will normally queue all submitted jobs, meaning it will start the next run after the previous one completes. Specify the maximum number of simultaneous jobs allowed using the Preferences form. Compute Console does not monitor the total load of the computer, only the jobs submitted to the queue.
It is highly recommended to not start multiple instances of Compute Console, as each would maintain an independent queue (and could overload the host with multiple runs). On Linux, the Compute Console will check and return a warning if another instance for the host is already running; however, this test will not detect instances running remotely (by different users or on different displays).