Main Window

Altair Compute Console starts with the main window (Figure 1). To run the job with any solver, select the Input file(s) for the run using the File Browser button and ACC automatically selects the appropriate solver based on the filename extension of that file. The choice of the solver is indicated using icons in the titlebar, and in the bottom left corner of the form. Some solver codes allow a file with non-standard extension (or even arbitrary extension) – in that case it is necessary to specify the solver (use -solver option) and Available Options form will not be available.

Figure 1. Altair Compute Console

The required options for the run can be entered into the Options field or selected from the Available Options window accessed by clicking .

The checkboxes below the Options field are available to avoid having to type specific options.
Use SMP: -nt 2
Automatically adds option allowing an SMP run: -nt N, where the value for N can be selected in the Preferences editor.
Use MPI options
Automatically creates an SMPD run: usually this requires several options, so these options can be prepared in the Preferences editor in advance and used when appropriate.
Use solver control
(same as -screen option) Uses Solver Control form which provides additional interactive control for OptiStruct and Radioss solvers (STOP, PAUSE, and so on). It is recommended to leave this box selected for all solver runs.
Schedule delay
Allows you to delay all jobs in the queue (which are not currently running) up to a predefined time (one week maximum).

Each selection is only effective if appropriate, the options are not used if they are not germane to the selected solver. The selections can also be overridden when such options are entered manually into the Options field (presumably with different values); however when any SPMD related option is used in the Options field, then selected options via Use MPI options from the Edit > Preferences path will be skipped entirely. The effect of these selectable options is not shown in the Options field, nor is it stored in the history or queue manager, but they are appended to the command line at the moment when the solver is actually started.

Click Run to start the solver and opens a separate progress window called Altair Simulation Solver View.