Load Add Creation

In this step you can combine static loads. The panel for LoadAdd Creation is shown below.

Figure 1.
This operations that can be performed on this panel are:
  1. Select Subcase - to select the required subcase from a drop down list.
  2. Scale Factor - to provide a scaling factor for the static load combination
  3. Load collector list table -
    1. All the static loads created in the previous tasks will be listed in the first table.
    2. Allows you to select constraint(s) to combine.
    3. You can use the selection options in the table.
      1. Select All
      2. Unselect All
      3. Reverse Selection
  4. Add - to create and add the LOADADD cards in the second table.
  5. Update -to update a previously created LOADADD card
  6. Delete Selected and Delete All options to delete the LOADADD cards from the second table.