Export Variations Study

The next step in the process is to export the variation studies setup in the previous task panels. These studies can be executed on HyperStudy to generate the results. SnRD exports these studies into following files, which are required by HyperStudy-
  • TPL
  • XML
This template file is created with the required parameters that are readable by HyperStudy. Export option also exports a solver deck(FEM) file.
The Export Stochastics panels allows you to export these parameters studies. Below is the Export Stochastics panel.

Figure 1.
The Export Stochastics allows you to perform the following operations -
  1. Select the required Variation Study Parameter from the table to be exported.
  2. Study Name - to define a study name for the exported files
  3. Combine All - allows you to select whether the studies should be combined into a single file or create individual files for the study parameters

    Figure 2.
    1. Yes - combines all the studies into a single file
    2. No - individual files and folders are created
  4. Type - you have the option to export the study as

    Figure 3.
    1. Stochastics study
    2. DoE(Design of Experiments) Study
  5. Number of Runs - numerical value which states the number of runs to converge to a final result
    Note: The Number of Runs value is automatically assinged by SnRD based on the number of studies and the number of variables. You need not edit this, but has the freedom to do so.
  6. Export - file browser option to select the files export location.