Material Thickness Study

Manufacturing process have direct impact of finished parts, affecting the global thickness distribution. Hence, local stiffness can be influenced with those variation. The study of the effect is enabled thru this capability.

The Thickness Study panel is as shown below.

Figure 1.
The Thickness Study panel allows you to perform following operations -
  1. Select Parameter - a default selection list that shows the selected parameter. In this case, Thickness is the value.
  2. Global Variation % - value entry field to provide the parameter variation range
  3. Select All, Unselect All, Reverse Selection - parameter list selection options
  4. Parameter list table - table listing the component and their thickness in the model
  5. Add - to add a parameter variation study to the study table
  6. Update - to update an existing study parameter
  7. Parameter Variation Study table - a table listing the study variations created