Create Frequency Responses

Use the Frequency tool to create modal frequency responses. The resulting response is the frequency of the given mode number. In addition, a Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC) is created in the background and used to ensure that the desired mode is used in each run in the exploration.

Restriction: Frequency responses are only supported for the OptiStruct profile.
  1. From the Design Explorer ribbon, click the Frequency tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Click on the guide bar to create the response.
  3. Select the number of the desired mode.
  4. Make any additional modifications to the created response in the microdialog.

    By default, the nominal run result (H3D file) is used as the reference for mode tracking comparison. Optionally, a reference file of your choice can be selected using the Location field in the microdialog.

    With a valid reference file selected, you can use the play button () in the microdialog to visualize the desired mode while creating the frequency response. Clicking the play button will open an animation window where you can select the desired load case and mode and animate the mode shape to assist in mode selection. Selections will be automatically set in the microdialog.