Edit and Preview Design Variables

Edit design variable properties and preview thickness and shape type inputs.

  1. Click the satellite icon on any of the Inputs tools .
    The Inputs dialog opens.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Edit the name and properties of the design variables.
    Lower bound
    Lower limit of the variable range to be studied.
    Default value of the variable; also serves as the initial value in an Optimization exploration.
    Upper bound
    Upper limit of the variable range to be studied.
    Design variable properties can be edited directly in the table or click to open an editor dialog for the selected variable. In the editor dialog, you can set lower and upper bounds based on a percentage or value difference above and below the nominal value for continuous variables or edit the valid values for a discrete variable.
    Invalid values, such as negative thicknesses or a lower bound greater than a nominal value, will be highlighted in red font and can be auto-corrected using the Auto-Correct DVs icon at the top of the dialog.
  4. Preview variables.
    A preview is only available for thickness and shape type inputs.
    1. Activate the Preview checkbox to isolate selected variables.
    2. Drag the slider left and right to visualize changes in thickness and size.