Start HyperWorks Applications

Learn how to start HyperWorks applications on Windows and Linux.

Start HyperWorks Applications on Windows

Startup options can be supplied to the application by modifying the shortcuts, or creating new ones, and adding the required options.
  1. Select Altair 2022.1 > HyperWorks from the Start menu.
    The Startup dialog opens.

    Figure 1.
  2. Do one of the following:
    Option Description
    Create a New Session Using the pane on the left:
    1. Select a client and a profile.
    2. Set the start-in directory.
    3. Click Create Session.
    Open a Recent Session The Recent Sessions tab lists the recently opened HyperMesh model (.hm), HyperWorks session (.mvw), and MotionView model (.mdl) files. Pick a file to open the session directly and set the client and profile associated with that file.
  3. Optional: Check Don't show this again to bypass the Startup dialog in the future.
    Subsequent invokes of HyperWorks from the Windows Start Menu will bypass the Startup dialog and directly invoke the last client set. You can reactivate the Startup dialog through File > Preferences > Common > Application.

    Another way to bypass the Startup dialog is to activate the hidden shortcuts for individual clients in the Windows Start Menu folder (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Altair).

    Unhiding these shortcuts makes them visible in the Windows Start Menu and allows you to launch or pin a direct link into a specific client.

    Pinning the HyperWorks shortcut or an app that was launched with the Startup dialog always invokes through the Startup dialog.

    Note: The HyperWorks Startup dialog is only supported in Windows.

Start HyperWorks Applications on Linux

  1. Launch the system terminal and change to the directory from which the HyperWorks application should be run.
  2. Enter the full path of the HyperWorks application start script, along with any startup options.
    Example: <altair_home>/altair/scripts/hvx
    Start Script Description
    hgx Starts HyperWorks, and loads the HyperGraph client.
    hvx Starts HyperWorks, and loads the HyperView client.
    hvxul Starts HyperView - Upfront Loader
    hwx Starts HyperWorks, and loads the default client.
    mvx Starts HyperWorks, and loads the MotionView client.