A line represents a curve in space and is not attached to any surface or solid. A line is a one-dimensional geometric entity.

The color of a line is determined by the component collector to which it belongs.

A line can be composed of one or more line types. Each line type in a line is referred to as a segment. The end point of each line segment is connected to the first point of the next segment. A joint is the common point between two line segments. Line segments are maintained as a single line entity, so operations performed on the line affect each segment of the line. In general, HyperWorks automatically uses the appropriate number and type of line segments to represent the geometry.

All lines in HyperWorks are represented mathematically with the following formulations:
  • straight
  • elliptical

Lines are different from surface edges and are sometimes handled differently for certain operations.

When the create mode is set to FE geometry, lines are created as PLOTEL, 1D elements. With “Auto-imprint”, 1D elements drawn on FE geometry remesh the surface; on CAD geometry, they imprint an edge.