Edit Edge Density and Element Size

Use the Edit Elements: Density tool to edit element density and size along surface edges.

The local edge element size approximation is based on edge density value and length. Hence, it can vary slightly for two edges with the same density value.
  1. From the Elements ribbon, click the Edit Elements > Density tool.

    Figure 1.
    Elements are colored according to how well they adhere to the pre-set quality requirements defined in the criteria file.
  2. Optional: Find all elements at or below a certain quality level.
    1. Click Find on the guide bar.
    2. Increase or decrease the number of layers around patches of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
    3. Review the next or previous patch of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
  3. Left-click to select the edge(s) to modify.
  4. In the microdialog, click the icon to switch the value being defined to either element density or element size.
  5. Edit element density or size in the following ways:
    • Increase individual edge values by holding Ctrl while left-clicking on an edge; decrease individual edge values by holding Ctrl while right-clicking on an edge.
    • Scroll edge values by holding Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel up and down. Hovering directly over an edge will only modify that edge; hovering over empty space will modify all selected edges.
    • Specify an edge value in the microdialog and press Enter. If multiple edges are selected, a common value will be applied. If multiple edges with different edge values are selected, use the arrows in the microdialog to modify individual edge values simultaneously, without applying a common value.
Tip: Clear your selection by left-clicking in empty space.