Edit and Position Primitives

Edit and position nondesign parts or subsystems in your design space.

Before you can edit non-design parts or sub-systems, you must Set Up Design Space Libraries. Alternatively, you can import a part or sub-system.

  • Position primitives to accommodate instant package space layout changes using the Move tool with the Collision detection option enabled.
    If the Move tool encounters a physical clash while positioning a part and/or subsystem, the conflicting part will highlight.

    Figure 1.
  • Edit primitives using the Drag tool.

    Figure 2.
  • Fill holes, gaps, and patches in the model using the Hole/Gap Fill tool.

    The voxel mesher will automatically fill voids, however, for large openings in the include and/or exclude package space, it is expected that the model is prepared beforehand. It is therefore recommended that you use the Hole/Gap Fill tool to generate the correct design space.