1D Beam Modeling

Different beam cross-sections can be modeled using OptiStruct by specifying the orientation and the cross-section of the beams.

This option is available under Aerospace > Beams > Beams from Lines and the orientation can be specified under the same. Figure 1 shows the stringers and the frames that were created using this technique.

Figure 1. 1D Element Modeling in the Aerospace Module

Fastener Modeling

Fasteners are one of the most important components of an aircraft structure. These are often considered the weak points in an aircraft and; therefore, it necessary to analyze them at critical loading conditions. OptiStruct facilitates the modeling of connections between components of a structure. CFAST can be used to define a fastener with material orientation connecting two shell surfaces. The workflow to create fasteners is:

Figure 2. Fastener Setup in HyperMesh
CFAST modeling is available under Aerospace > Connections > Fastener Setup. By selecting the parameters as per requirements, CFAST can be modeled and it automatically creates the PFAST property and assigns it to the respective CBUSH elements. Figure 3 shows a fastener that was modeled using CFAST.

Figure 3. CFAST Fastener Modeling in the Aerospace Module

Figure 4. Detailed View of CFAST Connected between Multiple Component

Model File

Refer to Access the Model Files to download the required model file(s).

The model file used here includes: